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    Hi all,


    It all started during the summer of 2008. Wanted to make a short with my son Alexis (he's 3 1/2) being a fireman but it's been a little hard to keep his attention span for more than a few minutes. We had to give up the project considering the amount of work required and the fact that Alexis wasn't really enjoying the process anymore.

    The short then got recycled in an hopefully interesting trailer instead...

    Fortunately, the Premiere has been done with his little cousins last Saturday and they all enjoyed it very much. He was so proud of himself being the hero of his own movie!

    But the best part was to look into his eyes and know without the shadow of a doubt, that I was the coolest Dad on Earth!

    Feel free to comment!


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    Great fun - and an excellent example of how the right music and sound can make all the difference.
    What did you use for the smoke/fire?

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Well, I had to rely pretty much on the music to spice up the video a little and give it a dramatic twist... I was pretty discouraged with the footage I had in hands but I think it turned out OK. Some lessons were learned the hard way: do not get too ambitious with a 3-1/2 old...

    What do you mean about the smoke and the flames? I had to burn my house down to get that shot. Are you trying to tell me I could have avoided it?


    Joke aside, I purchased the UnitK-8 CD from Detonation Films (UnitK-8). They have tons of footage available for free (fire, smoke, gun shots, wounds, blood splats, etc.) and some others you can buy. It's a great resource and I found them last year in an issue of magazine Videographer.

    Disclaimer: I'm obviously not associated with them... Just a happy customer.


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    Hilarious, the music was awesome. So dramatic. And ... sorry about your house. But it was for art, so it was worth it, right?

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    The use of slowmotion and fire explosion effects were perfectly timed!
    Good job!

    It's a pity that you couldn't finish the whole video, I'm sure it would have been amazing as well!

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    An impressive piece especially working with young kids, I’ve been there you have to deal with attention spans which can last seconds. I learned to just keep the camera rolling as kids have a habit of performing when it looks like you’re not working the camera.
    It’s also interesting how many languages call “firemen” “pumpmen”, and as it was explained to me when non English speakers see the word fireman, it sends out a message the man is on fire or he makes the fire, ah the man who puts out the fire is a pump man, and over the years I have to say I agree pumpman is a more suitable word.
    Again lovely work here, good in so many departments.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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