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    Dear All
    I'm probably experiencing a common problem that I don't know how to resolve, and as I'm sure someone has also previously resolved it so here goes....
    I've just completed editing my first ever video using VideoStudio 9. But when I come to the burning stage it would appear that there is insufficient free space available on my HDD (C to complete the process. File size is 3.6 Gb, available space 2.3 Gb.
    Thinking laterally, I went out and bought a external HDD (F and copied everything Ulead related I could find across, but even loading from F:, the burning process still reverts back to C:. If you see what I mean.
    I'm somewhat reluctant to remove the Ulead files from the C: drive just in case the burning process won't/can't happen directly from F:

    Is there a way out?

    regards in anticipation


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    Try going into your burning application and change all the temporary file folder's locations to F:\

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    Just to flesh out that last reply a little.

    When you go into the Preferences in VideoStudio to set the location of the working folders etc you are only setting them for the main editing module of the program.

    The DVD burning module has it's own preferences and these need to be set independently. This can be done when the module opens for burning...a bit clunky yes.

    If you look into your installation of VS you will actually find bits and pieces of the original Ulead product, DVD Movie Factory, because VS use these for DVD burning duties.

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