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    Default Is this possible?

    im a film studies student and i got what i want to film for coursework sorted out. i would just like to know is it poissble to edit a video that part is in colour and part is not. like in moives schindler's list where you had a little girl in a red coat and the rest was in black and white or sin city where the one guy was yellow?

    if u got any ideas let me know thanks

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    Yes it's possible, with the right editing program it's easy, with sony vegas (pro it's called colour correction.

    Do a youtube search on "sony vegas colour correction", you'll find samples.


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    thank u so much for the help

    so i can use this to have a moive in black and white but have one person in the scene who is in colour?

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    Yes, that is correct. You select the colour you want to keep, in this case red and desaturate the other colours to leave you with greyscale. Mind you if there is red in any other object, such as someone's skin you will see it coming through aswell.

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    wow thank u soo much for the help.

    you people will be the reason i pass film


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