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Thread: WANTED - talented camera operator/co-director - ENGLAND

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    Default WANTED - talented camera operator/co-director - ENGLAND


    My name is Richard Andrews and I am a full time Photographer. I am producing a character led fly on the wall documentary on motorbike club racing in ENGLAND...

    Think; TT 'A Film Documentary' (Google it)

    I need a camera operator who MUST own there own equipment (camera, sound) to co-direct with me and who can sacrifice around 12 FULL weekends (between FEB - OCT) as well as a period at the end of October to work with me on the edit (I have a editing studio).

    Your Travel, Accommodation, Food, Beer and fun times will be provided etc as well as a generous share in the profit (to be agreed by contract prior to starting). We are currently in talks to various channels.

    Please pass this onto anyone you may know and ask them to email me their CV along with examples of their work. Remember we have NO budget for equipment rentals so person MUST have their own camera, sound etc (and we don't mean a video phone!).

    Hurry filming needs to start Feb 21.

    Kind Regards
    Richard Andrews
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    Richard - sounds fun - welcome to the forum.

    I have removed the link you finagled in. We do not allow links to be posted by new users. A few posts is all that is needed.

    We were drowning in spam you see.

    Ta, Mark.

    As for your post - one question - where ?

    And another - well a statement - I have helped to make 2 pilots on the promise of a share in the profits - one had channel 4 intersted for a bit - guess what - never got paid nothing.

    I only work for money now - not promises - but not everyone is as bitter as me.

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    Where = Various circuits throughout the UK, Brands, Cadwell, Oulton etc

    Anyone I find who I feel is right for the project would be party to a briefing as well as a copy of the business model and proposed profit share. After which they are free to decline and walk away.

    However what I would not do is put my money into producing something if I did not think it had a value.

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    That is reassuring - a bit...

    Sadly we have had a few posts from people who join the forum with one wish in mind - to get people to work for free - my cynicism is born of expirience.

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    It has happened to me also...

    "We are celebs, you can photograph our wedding for free!!!, yes we won't charge you!!!

    This will raise your profile and we will also recommend you to all our celebrity friends who you can charge thousands..."


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    Lols - true true - this is true too - I recently got offered free drugs to do a job - but the chap was quite clearly a victim of his own questionable enterprizes - wanted me to do a vid for him to prmote an idea to potential investors - to open a theme park in cheddar gorge.... yea right ! ! !
    Oh - and he is a recently discharged bankrupt. lols.

    ' free drugs ' - If he meant alestra and viagra I may have tht about it -

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    Hi Richard, admire your enthusiasm for a potentially exciting and possibly lucrative project.
    You are though asking for a huge chunk of commitment without, as yet, a firm commisson.
    I personally would have been tempted to discuss the project details in pms until a commisson isin black and white, as any one of us could now run independently with the same idea.
    I know 'Duke' has lassood all the TT events in the IOM, including broadcast and has a very large distribution enterprise there.
    Maybe a few phone calls to them could widen the appeal for distribution and crew and possibly even help in getting a commission.
    Failing that, their expertise in sales of TT material will shift a SIV in bulk.
    Best of luck with the project
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

    Ex A.P.V Videomaker of the year - Ex M.M. IOV Come join my EXclusive club

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    Hi Richard,

    A huge response to your posting, I am sure..!!

    I live in Bristol, have own equipment and also a full bike licence..

    I'd like to know about your project a little more as I finish filming this February, it could be perfect timing.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Jon Craig

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    Jon, from one Bristolian to another, i just wanted to say hi.


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    Me Bristol geezer too.

    And - hi Paul - i was once someone else... ???

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