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    Yes, I know Mark has written a Tutorial on this and I STILL don't get it (Sorry, Mark!).

    I need to upload 20 short films to my site ( and I'm really worried about the optimal bit rate for web. Here's my typical settings (using Pro 1.5)

    QT H.264
    384 x 288 (don't ask!)
    25 fps

    On Pro 1.5 (or similar) - what would K/Sec is safest to use in the box "Limit data rate to" ? 2Mb? It makes the file size huge. Or, should I make the bit rate really big, and then convert to FLV or mp4 at a more sensible 750kbps. How big should the typical file size end up as - 20-30Mb?

    Please tell me what YOU would do for Bit Rate on a 3 minute clip for a hosted site.



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    Is there an upper limit on the file size? Are you using broadband to upload your videos? I don't have a website but uploading to YouTube using H.264 I use 2500kbps minimum up to 3700kbps and depending on the length of the video it can go from 100MB to 500 or 600MB in size. So unless there is an upper limit (1GB on YT) then you should go for the highest to preserve the quality. There is no such thing as a typical file size, what I may call a typical file size may be bigger or smaller than what someone else calls it. 20 - 30MB is not a big file.

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    Thanks! I have Broadband but my Web guy has a slower connection. I've just learnt from him that he's using Adobe CS3 Video Converter, where it gives you a "High Quality" option of 750kbps - which seems way lower than your 2.5-3.7?

    I guess all I'm looking to ensure is that my film viewers on a slower connection don't get a "jerky experience" by setting the bit rate as high as yours, but quality seems massively compromised at 750kbps? It's finding that sweet spot, right?

    I feel like I'm getting closer! Any views on the above?

    Many thanks.

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    I find a 1mbit vbr wmv at dv res looks acceptable and will stream for 99% of people.

    H264 will give many people problems I suspect. Everyone can play wmvs out of the box.

    A 2 to 3 mbit wmv is near the same quality as a DV/HDV source - just looks a bit softer.

    Encode ONCE - every reencode wanks the quality more.

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