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    I just started using sony vegas 9.0 and i recorded a video of myself playing world of warcraft and im trying to make a video. i have got the video how i want it but when i make it a movie the movie is so small that it is unable to even see

    could someone tell how to enlarge the video so that its able to be seen and the quality isnt low?


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    What do you mean by "when you make a movie". You stated taht you got the video like you want it so I presume you did some diting on it. Are you watching it back from the Vegas tme line. If so, you need to enlarge the preview window. It is sizable. The quality is also changeable. The lower the quality the closer to full frame play back. The higher the quality the more jerky and the clearer it will be. Depends on the power of your computer.

    If you have rendered your time line and have these problems you are using the wrong setting for rendering. Choose the right format and size for what you want to do with it before you render.


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