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Thread: Help with capturing and editing..

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    Default Help with capturing and editing..

    I'm pretty new to this industry and I mainly deal in directing adult movies.

    I am using a Sony Z1 and filming on HDV in 1080 50i.

    I am now aware that 50i is PAL and 60i is NTSC.

    I think I need to capture and edit the footage and export it as a DV AVI with NTSC settings. The final DVD has to have these settings;

    Video Standard: Colour NTSC. Aspect Ratio: 16:9. Disk Format: DVD-9 Region 0. Dual Layer.

    I open a NTSC project and edit, however, when I export the final edit, the quality is very low and just doesn't look right. When I open and edit in a PAL project it's fine.

    Can I edit in a PAL project and save it as PAL Widescreen for the end result DVD to have the above settings? I'm very confused...

    What can I do? I'm really worried about it, as this isn't something I am very familiar with. I have never had to capture before (I've always had someone else do it for me).

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    I am done some research and discovered that I could actually have a PAL Region 0 DVD, right?

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    You can have PAL region 0 DVD or NTSC region 0 DVD.

    I think if you work in PAL and then convert to NTSC you'll be looking at problems with frame repeat or frame skipping. This is how video editing aplications handle conversion - repeating frames and/or skipping frames.

    You should check your rendering settings in your NTSC project first and go from there. Or better still, post a few samples of your video here so we can see......... I'm not really sure what an adult movie is, but I know I'd like to check it out in HD

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    Hi Very Worried, You need whats called a standards converter, and then you edit in PAL and then do the conversion to NTSC. I've never managed a good conversion with any of the programs I've tried, it's like Flickson says they do it by repeating frames or dropping them. I don't know how a standard converter works but they can be very expensive and some are no better than you can do with an editing program.

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