Hi everyone. I need your help. I'm wanting to buy a new video camera to make music videos, documentarys and films with all relating to music. So I in December began to look around read various reviews and have done more google searches than a think Humanely possible. I then visited Currys in store after all the hi tech stuff a read online made no sense and they told me basically in the guys own words 'HD Video cameras' are the bentley of technology now. SO I began looking for a decent hd camera and I found myself debating between the Sony HDR=SR10 and HR=SR11/12..I was going to go ahead and get the Sony HDR SR-10 for 420 pound but then a read on the video submission site for the channel a wanted..that they wanted these requirements:

All videos MUST be submitted on BETA SP, DV CAM or MINI DV as PAL format.

  1. <LI class=BodyText>CHECK the picture and sound quality is of broadcast standard. <LI class=BodyText>100% colour bars <LI class=BodyText>Audio should peak at -6db and NO HIGHER <LI class=BodyText>DOUBLE CHECK audio and pictures are in sync <LI class=BodyText>AVOID the use of flashing images and regular patterns. (Flashing lights and certain types of regular visual patterns can cause problems for some viewers who have photosensitive epilepsy).
  2. Please do NOT include any title on the actual video (e.g. artist name & track title these details will be added by Channel U).
So now I googled basically what the hell they was on about with the format and etc and I'm completely confused on what to do. As I googled about beta sp and various formats and basically from what I read they said Mini DV was better quality for recording in HD but HD is better for short films..but what I couldnt find was how easy is it to put HD recorded, then PC Edited videos to Mini DV or one of these formats as one person online and some in Currys told me u lose quality even with a professional program like Cyberlink that I was going to use. Basically if I could have some advise it'd be really helpfull guys thanks Ps: whats also a good video editing program to do sorta music video effects etc as I was told by everything it was Cyberlink Powerdirector..

PS:I read the thread on buying video cameras and formats and it didnt help me at all..if anyone knows a good priced one which woule be perfect for what i want let me know please thanks