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    Greetings all. Great forum! I am a musician and I am putting together some material for a live show. I've made several you tube videos, typically pulling footage from you tube or other places so the quality is what it is.

    Is it possible to run it through any kind of filters or anything to bring up the quality to be able to display these videos on screens?? Or do I have to find completely new footage?

    My stuff is politically based, so a lot of it is news reports and other things that might be hard to obtain in high quality (like the Sept 11 attacks).

    Many thanks for your replies.


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    Cant be done really - crap in crap out !

    Somtimes applying some filters can imporve things a teeny bit - incresing the contrast, maybe unsarp mask or a bit of sharpening.

    You may also try showing the poor video at less than full screen.

    I rip lots of footage for my own political video rants and I have found it is often best just ot use as is. Generally if the content is good enough, relevant to the video then the technical quality is less imposrtnat.

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    Thats what I figured. Same with the music world.


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    By the way, if you're into the political stuff you may dig my music.

    Chris Geo on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

    I'm going to check out your youtube channel when I get home. Could be good for some inspiration for a new song!

    Cheers again!

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    Hi Chris. I've done alot of live projection for music events / live shows and unless the screen is huuuge you may be surprised to learn that from the audiences viewpoint the video will look probably ok. Remember - they are a distance away from the screen and resolution is (unless really poor) compensated for by that distance. A sort of trick on the eyes really. Try and get 'HD' footage from YT if you can to improve matters more.

    Love your twist on 'Mad World' by the way.
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    Cheers mate!

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