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    Hey all

    Ive got Sony Vegas Studio 9, I've worked how to use the chroma key part of it but has anyone got any tips or hints of the production side of filming for a chroma key?

    E.g. Colour of screen to use, how to use it, where, lighting, can it have creases in it etc etc.


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    Hi - Green or blue is ok, though green for preference.
    Tight as you can make.
    Nice even lighting.
    Separate lighting for the talent.
    Talent at least a metre away from the background.
    Fire and key
    p.s. specialist lighting/filming kits are available - make this a doddle!
    Holdan Limited - Datavideo CKL-200 Dual Colour Light Ring & Retro Reflective Cloth
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    thanks for your help. Thats really good.

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    Just to elaborate on what Zero has told you. Well, maybe more a few bits of explanation rather than adding anything I suppose.

    you can key any colour you can see basically. but what you need to remember is that the way keying works you need a colour that is not part of the footage you want to remain. This is why people primarily talk about blue or green keying. nice primary colours so why not red? Well because keying usually involves people and your average skin tone contains an element of red so if you jey red then your poeple will start tobecome transparent. not what most of us want. That leaves blue and green. The colour to choose is uaually made foryou by seeing what colours are in your footage. Most average folk (inmy opinion) are more likely to have blues in their dress colour than green so a lot of peopel choose green.

    How to light. truth is you don;t have to at all. The trick to getting agood key is to have a n even coloured background. hence , if you are using a fabirc then keep it taugh avoiding folds and creases which change the colour from shadows. Good lighting helps to keep the colour consistent.

    For you 'talent'. The trick is for them NOT to have any ofthe keying colour on them. If they stand close to yor green screen then they inevitably get a green cast over them, hence they should stand far enough away to not be affected bythe colour of the fabric. Also, this means tolight them independently. Llight your background. Turn those lights off and light your talent. when done turn both sets of lights on and start shooting.

    Performign the key in you compositing s/w is a differnet story altogether. No time for that here. Ic an direct you to some good info though, depending on what s/w you are using.

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