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Thread: Telekinetic Effect?

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    Default Telekinetic Effect?

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if this isn't the kind of thing you guys do, sorry, please don't flame me. I've searched all over google and couldn't find a thing on what I wanted to do. Basically, I want to create the effect that I am causing a small object to levitate in my hand, such as a bottle cap or a wadded up piece of paper. I am not much of a beginner, I have experience with masking and editing (done various non-professional video editing gigs with my brother) but can't seem to get an idea for how to do this. I was thinking maybe a green or blue screen with some blue or green string with someone manipulating it? Perhaps there's an easier way to go about this?

    I don't want to drop a paper ball and then slow down and reverse a video to get the effect that it's levitating up toward me.

    Any help, thanks!

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    Simplest way?

    1] Take stills of ALL the items together and then separately against a Green or blue sheet.

    2] Place it/them on Track1 above your background video which should be on Track2

    3] Key-out green or blue

    4] Use track motion on Track1 to manipulate the "stills"

    Don't get any easier than that?

    Well, yeah, you COULD use Bezier masking to remove the surrounding garbage around the target on the still/s. But CK-ing is so darn easy in Vegas. All of this depends on how exacting your quality needs to be.

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    Well, I looked around and surprisingly I don't have anything a solid color that suits my needs. I decided to go about it with masking. I appreciate your input though, mate!

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