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    Help! I use an old version of Adobe Premier (6) to edit home videos. I now want to edit some material that has been shot on Digi Beta - broadcast quality. How can I digitize this type of tape into a pc? This needs to be good quality and guess that it needs to be compressed as files would be so huge. Would you advise me to purchase or upgrade to latest Adobe Premiere Pro - or a different programme.

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    Is the video still on tape? If you haven't got a deck to play it back on you may have to use a service like THIS

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    If you have a player and a digital converter you can probably capture into Premiere Elements without any trouble. The ADS Pyro Link or one of the Canopus Converters are good for this.
    Depends on what kind of Out Ports you have on the Beta player. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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