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Thread: Problems with Vegas Multi-track editing

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    Default Problems with Vegas Multi-track editing

    Hey, I am a little new to Vegas, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.

    I had a 4 camera shoot and I need to do a multi-track edit. I know it is under the tools menu... but how do I link them all together and then how do I actually multitrack edit?

    Sorry, i know this is a broad question,,, any hints would be much appreciated!

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    I do multicam with vegas all the time, very easy.

    Synchronise all the video tracks first, i presume you know how to do this, if not say so and i'lll explain.
    Next, highlight all the tracks which you want to multicam, highlight the track headers for this, next go to >tools>enable multicamera editing.
    Now you'll have a picture on your preview screen of one track with a border round it so then got to > tools>create multicamera track.
    Now you'll see all the camera's on one screen.
    Do the multicam switches by useing the number keypad on the right side of your keyboard, ie number 1 for camera 1, number 2 for camera 2 etc.
    Once you've done the multicam edit go back to tools> and untick the multicamera options.

    ps, you definately need a 2nd monitor for this.

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