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Thread: coverting mod to mpeg successful but no sound when import in premiere cs3

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    Default coverting mod to mpeg successful but no sound when import in premiere cs3

    I am new here and have been looking into the forums for a while and recently had a questioned answered for me with a problem I have had for a long time. I tried the advice given to me on this form and the help half worked and was wondering if anyone could help me further.

    I have a camcorder that uses a hardrive and it too saves the files as MOD files that won't import into premiere CS3. Now the following advice was given to another make of camera but since the file types are the same and probably are of each camera I gave this below ago :

    alternatively you can...

    1) Connect the Everio to your pc/mac by the usb cable.
    2) Browse to the folder where the vids are (SD_video)...(PRG001)
    3) Copy all the files to your HDD for editing (Control+A, Control+C, browse to folder of choice, Control+V)
    4) In the folder where you have dumped the files right click and choose New Text Document
    5) In the text document paste the following text

    del *.pgi
    del *.moi
    ren *.mod *.mpg

    6) Save the file as anything you like as long as the extension is .bat

    7) The exciting bit...
    Double click your file, it will...

    delete the unecessary moi and pgi files,
    rename the mod files to mpg

    I am no video expert, this is why I have joined the forum, however I have been viewing and editing files from my everio this way for a couple of years now.


    This was so kindly given by user Swinger0. This worked a treat and seemed to solve all my problems as I was wanting a hard drive camera for a while but not being able to import and edit the files put me off.

    Now the files import but dont have any sound in premiere CS3 however they do play on there own in windows media after creating the .bat file. Can anyone tell me how to get the sound to convert over along with the video so I can get premiere to see the sound also, I am almost half way there.

    Thanks in advance


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    Just registered to make this one post, hope you still check these forums
    Renaming the files from .mod to .mpeg works but (as you said) you'll get no audio

    After a few months of research (I own a JVC Everio GZ-MG37U [like the first gen Everio's]) I found a program that will convert the videos to .avi and are fully editable in premiere elements/pro (or your choice of editing software)

    It's called Converio. The program is free, but you have to install anywhere from 2-11 other programs (all free)
    If you "donate" 5 to the author he'll give you a password to an installer that installs everything in 1 go round, and for 20 he gives you the full app + some nice little extras.

    Well worth the
    for me since I spent months pulling my hair out trying to get the damn videos to work with audio.

    GL M8 in whatever you chose.

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    wow many thanks, if you just signed up to answer this question for me. I will check out the softare you have used and see about getting it myself 20 quid seems fair enough to me to sort out my video problems.

    Thanks again


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    Also try MPEG_Streamclip1.2 which is freeware. You can download it from Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows and it will allow you to open, convert and save many file formats. You need to download QuicktimeAlt181 first and install it as it has all the necessary codecs in it needed for MPEG_Streamclip1.2 to work. It is also freeware.

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