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Thread: Media:City, Salford Quys.

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    Default Media:City, Salford Quys.

    I've not much to say about this other than it's my first film with my Canon MX-DX2, upload to Youtube and embedding of a file. Crit and comments welcome.

    I'd like to get my teeth in to something more demanding especially sound wise as I'm a Sound Engineer rather than a film maker so if anyone in the Manchester/Salford area wants to team up let me know.

    YouTube - MediaCity: UK - Test Footage. November 21st 2008


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    I think there's alot further you could have gone with this. With some creativity in post and some judicious cutting of time it could be a snappy document of Salford Quays. I don't especially think the choice of music helped to be honest either. I also wanted to see some more close ups too. Access may have been a problem, but stuff like shots of the cranes from directly underneath and so on would have been good. There were a couple of choppy edits near the end too.

    I would go back, choose a new soundtrack, start again with the footage and play with the tools in your s/w to see how much more intersting you can make it. The bare bones are there.

    I'd just like to add - I don't think it's bad - it could just be better.

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