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Thread: Oxfordshire editors and Camera owner/operators

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    Default Oxfordshire editors and Camera owner/operators

    I am new to this forum but I have had a look around and it looks like a good place to meet like minded video professionals.
    I work out of my home office in Oxfordshire. I mainly produce online videos for the Automotive industry. In 2008 there were a few times where I had to get in extra help with filming and editing, it proved to be difficult and time consuming finding some that was trust worthy, reliable and flexible.
    In the first half of 2009 I am driving hard to get more video work and there will be times where I will have 2 or more jobs booked on the same day.
    So I would like to have a pool of local trust worthy Freelance Editors and Camera Owner/Operators, that I have already made contact with and know their abilities and they know me and what I do.

    Camera Operators will need to have at mimimun the following kit.
    Sony Z1 camera or better
    tri-pod with a good pan-ing head
    shotgun mic
    Ideally a set of radio mic's.

    Editors will need to be able to digitize Mini DV tapes and export final video files to, Quicktime high res, windows media, and flash. I don't mind which editing software you use as long as you are competent with it. for the record I use Final Cut Studio 2 but I understand that this forum is mainly for PC based editors. You will be following a storyboard in most instences but there is room for creativity.

    If you do both, great, I do.

    A proper day rate and travel expenses will be paid.
    At the moment this is about getting a pool of talent ready, so I cannot give exact day rate figures but I have worked in the industry for a few years now and am not looking to fleece anyone.

    Trust worthy, reliability, Can do attitude and the ability to get on with the on screen talent are essential while a Passion and understanding of Cars would be advantageous. Oh and as it is possible you will be driving a UK Driving license is essential, it doesn't have to be squiky clean but Drink Driving or dangerous driving offenses will not be accepted by the Manufactures

    Please PM me with a short CV, equipment list and links to your work.
    From there we should get together for a cup of tea and a chat.

    Best wishes

    Dafydd Davies
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    Hi, I suspect you may find a few people who regularly pst here are intersted.

    As for Mac / PC - the forum has no favourite or bias but our individual members - like me - often do have er clear opinions.

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    Obvious question - but Oxfordshire based work only? I assume so since you specified that in your post heading, but anything 'oop north' available?

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    We are VPTV based in Chipping Norton, we have both cameras, crew and edit suites and are happy to be able to help and facilitate with any productions you may have.

    Please visit our website at and lets see if we can help.

    Kind regards

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