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    Hope everyone is well.

    Problem - Got married recently, everything went well. Wedding was great.

    The guy doing the video was not that great. Got the dvd the other day. Everything that was blue in the hall, is showing greenish. Even the wedding dress! Mrs is not happy at all....

    Got charged about $1000 for a crap job.

    Anyhow I just wanted to know if it is possible to change that problem ie: get the original colours.

    The guy who did the video says that the camera films it, as it is so it aint his fault.

    Is there some software to repair the problem ?

    Thank you so much


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    Sadly the wedding market is full of tossers like this who rip people off. Many people think it is easy money and sell thier services as a pro when they are ingnorant of very basic skills like colour correction and white balance on the camera.

    Sounds like the WB was set wrong and yes it is easyish to fix with colour correction - just fiddly.

    Dont pay the guy and if you have paid him ask for a full refund and if he doesnt repay you with flowers to say sorry you should sue his arse and ask for damges for spoiling your video.

    I am so cross I will fix it for you - for free - if you want. I am guessing it would be easier if you can fund someone in the US to do it probably. Ask about you may know someone, a friend of a friend, who can do basic editing.

    Post a few stills if you can then we can be sure.

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    Best if you can get the original tapes from the guy who hashed up the first attempt though, so it can be done properly from scratch.

    The final video could be corrected with a bit of playing but you won't get it back on a DVD with the same menus etc.

    Like Mark, I'll too be happy to offer some time to do this properly if needed. I'm in the UK too!

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    Default Thank you

    Dear Mark & Alan

    Thank you for your kind & helpful replies. I am from South Africa & with our limited bandwith constraints here, by the time I upload it, the U.S. would probably have another black president, however I do appreciate your offer.

    I will check around locally for some professionals, & tell them about the advise you offered to me & maybe take the dvd to them.

    Unfortunately I already paid the guy, would love to sue him, maybe I would even win the case. However all we want is the video correct

    Sounds like the WB was set wrong and yes it is easyish to fix with colour correction - just fiddly.
    If I dont come right then I'm not sure maybe I'll play around with the video, please suggest the right software.

    Thank you once again for your replies.

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