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Thread: MPEG2s and poor video

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    Default MPEG2s and poor video

    I've posted here a few months ago but am returning with the same problem...

    I have video captured using a Panasonic DVD RAM camera, and saved on the PC as MPEG2 files. This is shot as 16:9 widescreen, and saved as 704x576 (the recommended settings, that can be changed to 720x576 if needed).

    I have Studio 10.5 which keeps crashing, but when it does work, it can create decent DVD's.

    In desperation, I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 2, but this cannot produce a DVD that is watchable. Although previewing the project lookes fine, the resultant discs are rubbish. The audio is distorted, and the picture is black and white and completely distorted.

    I note that Premier Elements (in its settings) is expecting video at 720*576, and it can't be changed. Is this difference in the pixel numbers the root cause ?

    I've also had problems with some DV footage, in which any movement is accompanied by flickering. It has been diggested that his is dues to the "field dominance" being reversed. Evertyhing I use is as default, and the only reference to this that I can see is in Elements. The option is lower field first by default, and I can't see how to chaneg this anyway.

    Should I persevere of dump the lot for something reliable ? Sony Vegas sounds best....but I ony want simple, non HD editing. Nothing fancy, just something that works.

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    Changing editors is not the answer. Premier is an excellent package so I supect this is operator error.

    I cant be specific as I dont use prem.

    As for the movement prob it isnt the field order. All pal cameras are, should be, lower field first. I suspect you are just seeing the seperate fields on the pc monitor - entirely normal and not visible when played back on a tv.

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    It does seem to be a problem specific to Adobe Premiere......I have dowloaded trial versions of Vegas 9 and Cyberlink Power Director 7. & seems to be the best at what I want - a stable platform that outputs DVDs that are watchable. But it seems to have problems handling the widescreen footage shot on the Panny - it tells me its 16:9 but isn't.

    One interesteing thing is that PD7 allows you to right click a video clip to see its properties. One of which is the field properties, and it tells me that the "video clip is interlaced and the field order is TOP FIELD FIRST " !!!

    The DVD plays back perfectly on my Panasonic DVD recorder and my PC's DVD drive.

    Now, the MPEG2 files are straight off the DVD disc using panasonics software....and it is all at the default settings.

    I know I can alter the field settings on Premiere 2 by right clicking each clip, and that seems to do it, but there isn't a way to do this by default.

    I appreciate your remarks about field order but something is wrong somewhere. Premiere Elements 2 is the only editor I've tried that outputs utter garbage.

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    In Premiere Elements you can right click on the clip and select Interpret Footage.
    There you can make changes to the format if Premiere Elements interprets it incorrectly. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Default Re:Will MPEG4 be any better?

    What I'm concerned about is the movement of MPEG4 into the mainstream. Although Mpeg4 part 2 is actually 'somewhat' experimental I believe it will be fully integrated into the mechanics of Adobe soon enough.

    Now if a Panasonic DVD recorder and any normal PC's DVD drive can't handle a 16:9 widescreen shot and saved as 704x576 then how on earth is MPEG4 going to do us any favours.

    Ok, now look at Mpeg4 vs H.264 compression What is H.264 Compression? | Security Camera Installations - The CCTV Information Hub

    Even the cctv compression in cctv cameras have a better DVR recordings, the DVDs themselves are high enough quality, not only, the software is optimized for efficient compressiona and bit rate algerithms, you might as well chuck out HD editing and Studio 10.5.

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