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    hey there ! i got a 7-minute short i just made on adobe premiere and i'm havin a lot of trouble exporting it on DVD !! what settings should i put ??? i don't have a clue !! everytime i export it, the size of the file is ridiculously little (around 250mb) and the quality when exported in avi is better and takes around 850mb !! is that normal ?? i know that files on dvd usually take above 3.5-4 gbs. please i need an answer quick !! my deadline's in 5 hours !!!!

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    For someone who needs an answer quickly you sure are lacking in the level of detail we need to help you out here.

    What version of Premeire Pro? What file type did you export to and with what settings? bit rate etc.

    but consider this, If a two hour movie uses an entire DVD-R (say) at 4Gb (ish). Then if you do the maths a seven minute movie will take, yep you got it, about 250Mb!!!

    You exporting as MPEG2 DVD. i.e. getting M2V and WAV files? Sounds about right to me.

    of course, the reall acid test is, when you play it does it look good?

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    AVI will be about 5 times the size of the video on DVD, which is MPEG2, so your sizes seem correct. 7 minutes at the highest quality will only take a few hundred MB and not use the whole DVD. As Alan says, you sure don't give us much to work with. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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