I'm hoping someone can answer this question. I've read lots of forum threads in the hope to find which is the best camera to go for: the Canon XL1 or Canon HV30. The main point is which one has the best quality picture? I've read people talking about what it will be used for (e.g. the HV30 is better as it's small and the XL1 looks more professional).

It will be used mainly for weddings and company promo vidoes for DVD and internet (converted to flash format) as well as shooting music concerts/gigs from a distance. I have found them both for about the same sort of price 600 for HV30 and 800 XL1. We are using some small Sony handheld DV cams at the moment but are looking to give off a better image. Although if they are the same quality the HV30 is a bit smaller and will get used for home recording as well.

Can you offer some advice on these lines please (especially indoor and outdoor quality) as I am in a minefield now.