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    Default analogue to digital usb device

    i am going to buy something like the "dazzle video creater" (60) device. what this does is let me connect my old video camera which does not have DV-out into my computer via usb so i can edit videos and stuff

    my question is does anyone know any other companies that make these devices? i am finding this hard to find out because this device doesnt seem to have a universal name? im looking for the cheapest alternative

    i have firewire ports if anyone know one which needs firewire... Would it be cheaper to buy a capture card? i already have multiple gaming cards (good ones)

    also, could i use the device given in the "Magix Rescue your Video Tapes" (40) set because its a little cheaper?

    i would of provided more info via links but the forum wont let me but obviously you could google what i have quoted if you have the time for me

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    ive just noticed the "eagoal easycap" which is dirt cheap, will this work for me?

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    My albeit limited expirience of a to d catpure soloutions is that cheap means poor.

    A s/h dv camera with a video in does great job if you can find one.

    The best non cheap sloution is this -

    Canopus ADVC 55 602012 - PC World Business Online Store UK - Buy The Best Deals Online.
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    These are called external video capture devices. USB anolog to digital work well, depending on the make.

    Cheaper capture devices have less noise reduction & filtering than more expensive ones so they result in inferior quality output.

    Best to read some reviews and go from there. Personally, if they were my prize home video footage, I wouldn't want to trust them to an inferior capture card.

    I use PCI capture cards - (Hauppauge - direct to mpeg)and a InterVideo conexant - both with great results. they were around $100 each. Not sure what that is in pounds.

    if I didn't have a spare PCI slot, i wouldn't hesitate to use a USB device.

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