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Thread: Xvid Importable in CS4?

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    Default Xvid Importable in CS4?

    I've seen a few other people mention that they have been able to import xvid/divx encoded video files into CS4 ; was wondering if its true?

    I know Premiere technically doesnt support xvid, because its a codec thats not meant for editing, but just wanted to know if premiere cs4 is actually able to import them now without having any problems.

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    What's the file extension for xvid? I'll let you know if it's in the import file type list. Certainly there's no .xvid listed but I know little of these "new fangled" non edittable types so not really sure what the extension is.

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    Most of them are AVI

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    In Vegas I find I cant get video on vxids ever - but I only occsaionally edit small bits of stuff occasionally - when I do need to I transcode into an editable codec using super c.

    As Alan says all these compressed delivery codecs ( divs same ) are not really meant to be edited - often when they do work they do weird things as you edit - dropped black sections are common.

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