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Thread: SONY HDV record greeny in dark areas

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    Default SONY HDV record greeny in dark areas


    even with white balance supposed to be balanced with actual lighting or with however whitebalance, when some dark areas appear in the camera the hue of those areas become greeny both in the display and in the recording tape

    do you ever hear something about this kind of trouble???

    thanks a lot

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    Could you post a picture ?

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    yes, thanks for your help

    it seems a bit weird but, suddenly, even without turning it out those green areas appear.. something like auto or whatever buti hold the settings keeping the same shutter speed, whitebalance, "0" in gain, the same F.. everything is fixed

    as you can see here, one of the comparatives is a couple of minutes separated
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    It looks like auto WB to me -

    Make sure you have Auto WB turned off, WB the camera (i.e. focus in the distance on the whitest part and balence the white) then try shooting again.

    I used to get this sort of thing then found out that i had left a few things on "Auto".


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    i've tried, i put the white balance in the "A" setup, shot to a white paper and try to focus to the subject and... dark areas stayed greenish

    i thought that maybe the problem can be found in another setting, the color enhacer or any of the cinema look settings.. but i tried too,

    i'm not kind of blaming on a hardware failure but... i'm starting to think about it...

    do you know any other white balance override setting or anything similar?

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    The colours and hues you see will often appear different. And different caneras see things differently.

    For example sony pro cameras are by default quite warm but JVC cameras can be cooler and bluer by defualt.

    BUT - you say that the split shot above was exactly the same settings with wb off? If the time between shots was small that does look odd. It does look like wandering auto wb.

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    hi again

    i have the SUN icon in my screen with 0 value, i have tried to move this value to check the difference, and dark areas always tend to green

    white balance is locked in the 0 value, NO AUTO is working

    my question is.. is there any other parameter in the camera that can make this happen, also i tried to lock the ND filter but it seems impossible, i dont know if it can be kind of this feature of the camera

    i'm fully desperate

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