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A little more about us
Ascent Imagery operates a fleet of portable remote piloted helicopters designed for aerial filming. Among other advantages, we can capture aerial shots and operate in locations that full-size helicopters cannot. Ascent offers a unique approach and capability in aerial cinematography.

Each helicopter is fully portable - We can bring them on a flight with us anywhere you have a project. All of our helicopters are equipped with gyro-stabilized camera gimbals for maximum shot stability and production value.

Why Use Ascent?
Less Expensive- Many of our clients would have paid 5 times as much to achieve the same shots.
Reliability - It can be -5 or 120, our equipment has proven time after time, it just works.
Fast set-up - We can typically have our system ready to film in under 10 minutes.
More Convenient - Currently no FAA flight approval, location, copter, or pilot search. We just show up and fly.
More maneuverable in tight areas and more versatile in general - unique, low altitude shooting advantage.
Smaller Carbon footprint - The average traditional manned helicopter consumes roughly 35 gallons of fuel per hour. With our Turbine we can achieve a full day of flight on only 6 gallons of fuel and can fly for one hour before refueling. To top it off our electric helicopters have zero emissions!
Less intrusive - much quieter than a full size helicopter with hardly any downwash.
Our helicopters are portable. We can bring them with us on our flight as oversized luggage. With all the equipment needed weighing approximately 150 lbs, a two man team can handle nearly any project almost anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your consideration

Brent Murray
Ascent Imagery
mobile - 3035195924