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Thread: VEGAS Vs VideoStudio vs Pinnacle

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    Smile VEGAS Vs VideoStudio vs Pinnacle

    Hey guys

    Does anyone have an opinion about vegas vs Corel VideoStudio vs Pinnacle? I heard really good stuff about VideoStudio. I have Vegas, but sometimes i just want to create somthing fast.



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    Pinnacle is not good everyone complains how bad it is and how much their computer is the best of the bunch in the ones you mentioned but there are even better editors

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    People do often complain pinaccle is buggy.

    Top of the range do anything editors that will allow you to delope good editing skills ae generally reckoned to be vegas, premier, final cut.

    There is a link to trials in the links section of the forum and all are avaialble in fully featured pro mode or in lite versions if you want to spend less.

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