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    Made this for my University Portfolio.

    The idea came from a trailer i saw of Gears of War 2 for the xbox 360.

    Used the audio from the trailer also.

    Created this using Adobe Premiere Pro 3

    Error: Spelling Mistake At End.


    [ame=]YouTube - Tranquil Pictures - Rendezvous[/ame]

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    It so nearly worked for me.
    You're right to point out the spelling mistake well, typo really. No spelling mistakes are excusable in filmmaking - given you spend hours on each minute of end product a spelling mistake looks very sloppy and insults the audience.

    These sort of shots, where you're deliberately only hinting at what's being shown are very difficult to do because you, as editor, being aware of what's in the shot, "see" much more of it than the first time viewer. As a first timer, I had no preconceptions and found it all too vague/unclear - frustratingly so. It was lit interestingly but I would have liked just a touch more light on the subject making it a touch more recognisable so it became intriguing rather than frustrating. Shots towards the end were better.

    The empty sofa at the end was out of focus (particularly noticable after the preceeding shots were beautifully focussed despite the lack of light). This spoilt the film for me and seemed in amateur contrast with the professional look of the rest of the film.

    Great effort, none the less.

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    Wow the first ever detailed reply i've been given about my work.

    Hmm well i watched it a couple of times over to see if it was ok, i knew it was dark but i guess in some areas like the face sort of added the enigma of who this person was incase i was going to continue it later on.

    The picture at the end was just a freeze frame shot that went abit bad but thank you for your comment and opinion.

    Its always good to get the right views so i can better myself on later pieces.


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