I dont have the money right now but I have been having fun thinking up my next editing box.

I am not very teccy so if people have specific reccomendations I am all ears. It's not the best - just what I may be able to afford soonish.

Mboard - dunno, can anyone suggest?

CPU - 4 core i7.
Ram - lots.
Sys drive - 150 gig raptor.
Online media drives - two 1TB drives configured as raid 1 with space and connectorions for another raid 1 array.
Backup - hot swap h drive caddy.
Gfx - I want 4 3d accelerated ( just so i can play the odd game - nothing super fast needed) screens so I guess that means I need two grafix cards / slots ? Or is there a sanely priced q head card that does 3d acceleration. My ancient 2 d matrox is a bit clunky - 2 d 8 meg ram - lols.
Box - big and quiet.

That is the guts of it.
I am amazed at the speed incrase over my 2 gig core dup - b marks are five to TEN times higher. I cant wait !

Suggestions from teccy gurus for altenrantives /specifics / twaeks welcomed.