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Thread: I've Hit the Mother Lode! (First Post)

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    Default I've Hit the Mother Lode! (First Post)

    Great site guys (and girls i assume) . I've been looking for a resouce like this for weeks! :(

    I am slowly introducing myself to the subject and even more slowly buying equipment. (Wish I'd found you before I bought anything, maybe, or maybe not as everything seems to be working....almost)

    Decided to upgrade the PC with a Pinnacle DV500 DVD as mine had no firewire/USB2 or anything and the package looked great at 180 including Premier 6.5 and loads of Pinnacle software. All seems to hang together well, except it seems to conflict with my TV card a bit.

    200gb drive on order.
    Next major purchase a camera! PANASONIC NV-GS200EB DV Camcorder, maybe.

    More posts to follow with probably dim questions


    Athlon XP2000, 750 mb, 2nd hard drive on order (200gb), Pinnacle DV500 DVD, Adobe Premier 6.5 and lots of other sofware that came with the Pinnacle board.

    Panasonic NV-GS400

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    To the Forums, welcome you are!

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    Hi Roadster....

    As far as TV cards go, I have never, EVER come across a single one that myself, colleagues or friends have had no trouble with.

    But anyway, welcome to the here place.

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