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    Default CS3 Cheap?!

    When you do a Google Shopping search for adobe premier pro there are many CS3 versions available and some are 200 maybe even 600 whilst others are about 40 or 50. What's the catch, they appear to be exactly the same. Anyone know?

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    I sure would like to see some links showing Premier pro for 40 or 50. Or even 200 for that matter.

    I suspect what you are seeing is the following....

    There are two seperate video editting packages avaialble from Adobe. Premier Elements whcih is the cut down home-user application. You can pick that up for around 50.

    Premiere Pro, on the other hand, their proffessional offering costs about 700 and comes with other applications for live capturing and DVD/Blu Ray production. You often see upgrades to Premier Pro from an earlier vewrsion for about 200 so you may be seeing that.

    Also, Now that Adobe only ship CS4 versions you may simply see a discounted version of 'pro' for 200 so they can shift them. Good price too if that's what it is because you can then pay the upgrade price to CS4 and get it much cheaper.

    Anyone offering 'pro' at 50 is a con. Leave them well alone. Provide links and we'll let you know.

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