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Thread: DV to PC - Quality worse than when playing on the camera

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    Default DV to PC - Quality worse than when playing on the camera

    Im new to DV, just bought a Sony DCR - TRV22E yesterday, and went and got a Firewire card and set it all up.
    Now the picture quality when playing back on the camera itself (MiniDV tape) is perfect, really clear and smooth and nice and bright, its the same when i play it through the TV, no loss in quality attall, yet when I view it onto the PC via the firewire card, it doesn't look as good, it comes up fine, but it just doesn't look as clear, the image is slightly blurry, and the frame rate definately lower as its nowhere near as smooth as the original recording, its also slightly darker and the colours not as clear. Ive messed around with different settings but tbh im not sure what Im doing really, surely there must be a way for it to be displayed on the PC in the same quality as the original recording?? I dont care about file size, i just want to record the recordings onto the PC so i can burn them to CD/edit them etc etc, but I dont want them at a lesser quality to the original, esp as it comes up perfect on the TV via the AV lead straight from the camera!! I was expecting it to look perfect on a PC screen? By the way this is before Ive even captured it, its how it comes up on the screen straight away (not only when playing back after capture) Ive tried using 'Ulead VideoStudio DV' and 'Sony Imagemixer ver1.5' but it's the same in both.
    Is it because of the the video software or something else? What settings do i need to use in order to get the best results?
    Would it be something to do with drivers or anything? If so where could I download the drivers?
    Is it any of these problems or is it standard for it not to look as good as the original?
    Anyway sorry for rambling on there, but Im really frustrated about it!!
    If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated!!

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    You're right, the video should be identical on your PC. What are your PC specs?

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    Yea thats what i thought, my PC specs are...

    XP Professional
    AMD Duron 1.10GHZ
    256 MB RAM
    Geforce 4

    Is that adequate?

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    Just about Try capturing using DVIO This may sound crazy too, but in some instances DV can look worse than it actually is when played through media player (really don't know why - may be something to do with the MS DV decoder). All I can say is that since installing the Panasonic Codec and WMP9, videos encoded to DV AVI after editing look fine now.

    Also note that captured footage will be interlaced, so you'll see a bit of a mess of a picture when played on a monitor

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