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Thread: motion capture balls?????

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    Default motion capture balls?????

    hello all, im currently researching a few thesis ideas in my head...

    and i was hoping ye might all be able to answer a few quick questions. my thesis isnt in video its in music technology, but my questions are video related..

    i have a camera... i want this camera to read the distance between me and the camera...

    a) would i need one of the motion capture balls? for this to be a reality also what type of camera would suffice.

    b) what noob software exists that would help achieve my goal....


    what i want from the camera is simply a read out of my movement. i.e. my approximate distance from the camera.. as i wish to output these values in real time to another application....

    any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.........

    also what are the motion capture balls called? i would just simply need one in each hand. what is the significance if the balls. could it be my hand instead of the ball?

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    3d motion capture is bleeding egde film technology.

    I think it needs multiple cameras and custom software and would be very hard to botch. But I am only guessing really.

    Looks undooable to me -
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