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Thread: Pickled Eggs - Part Five

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    Default Pickled Eggs - Part Five

    This is the final section of the Pickled Eggs movie, wrapping-up what happens to all the different characters.

    Some bits of it might make little sense to anyone unfamiliar with the previous installments, but parts 1-4 are knocking around on here in previous threads and I've included a summary of the 'story' so far below.

    YouTube - Pickled Eggs - Part Five: 'Endgame'

    In a nutshell:

    - Flem’s three-day stalk-o-thon of arch nemesis Psycho Nick (his dememted ex-housemate, and the man responsible for getting him fired in a previous section) has uncovered not the buried treasure he anticipated, but instead Psycho Nick’s journal: ‘The Big Book Of I Hate Flem’.

    - Having been dragged along for the ride Chris (who is putting Flem up on his floor) is pissed-off, shoeless, and on a sickie.

    - Meanwhile Psycho Nick (now counter-stalking Flem) was last seen furiously pursuing Flem’s ex-boss Hugh, after Chris and Flem used him as a distraction to escape the psycho's attention themselves.

    It all makes sense – honest! Sort of…

    (Irksomely I’ve had to replace Big Dee Irwin and Little Eva’s version of ‘Swinging On A Star’ with a rather less strident Frank Sinatra rendition during the end sequence after youtube’s censor-bots muted my first version of the vid - and I don’t think it works quite as well. But hey! At least the world has been saved from the horrific copyright-implications of people being permitted to hear a low-quality streaming version of a song sung by two people who are both now dead in the background of an amatuer video, eh? Viewers are encouraged to imagine the other version of the song whilst watching…)

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    I enjoyed the story and the characters. Unfortunately, for me at least, part four was a poor cousin to the first three parts and this was only a little better. In the earlier parts of the film the slow pace was compensated for by the fact that you seemed to use that space to develop characters. In the later parts it just seemed to drag.
    I'd have thought parts 4 & 5 could easily be condensed into one 10 minute part and this would add to the film in the process.
    I liked the peudo tracking shot from behind Flem's head as he was reading and enjoyed the re-appearance of the tramp.
    I see a lot of potential, but you need to learn to throw away more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    I see a lot of potential, but you need to learn to throw away more.
    Definitely. I really wanna get a super-tight cut sorted out for this and your comments have really helped focus my mind on where to start snipping away. Thanks for taking the time to watch through and comment - and especially for sticking with the sections you weren't so keen on - that's worth it's weight in gold.

    It's weird 'cos during filming the fourth section was one of the bits I was happiest with - it somehow felt more 'grown-up' to me (despite the subject-matter, dunno why) - but you're right lots of it doesn't really do much plot-wise.

    Also interesting you (and others) mention character-development because to an extent we were just being ourselves despite being scripted (possibly a slightly shameful admission!) so it's not really something I focussed on consciously as we made it. Looking again I can see what you mean and where that stops. I guess having chucked a load of tennis-balls up in the air plot-wise in the first sections they need to start coming down a lot faster at the end. Makes sense.

    I'll do a re-build on this from scratch at some point in the future. This was my first-time with a digital editor and I suspect people on here would howl if they could see the horrible Jenga-like mess I've made of my time-line! Just cutting stuff down to fit youtube's 10-minute limit has been a logistical trial. Anymore meddling and it'll collapse irreparably I think.

    The comments on here have definitely gotten me thinking about stuff that I don't think I would have otherwise - so thanks for that. Had reached a point where I was heartily sick of the sight of the thing, I'm now quite looking forward to going back and making it better.

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