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Thread: Mime Fight - Short Film

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    Lightbulb Mime Fight - Short Film

    This film was made in 2007 when i was in my first year of college.

    I lost the footage and only just got it back.

    This is one of my favorite pieces i've made.

    I edited it all on Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

    Hope you enjoy it


    Youtube Link:

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    Looks like you had alot of fun making that. Fun use of sound effects - came over really well. Oh to be young again....

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    Cheers for the comment.

    Took me ages to piece everything together.

    Theres alot you can do when you have a free lesson.


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    Very silly! Put me in mind of Monty Python & the Holy Grail and the use of coconuts (research it if you don't know)

    If you want a serious comment - watch out for crossing the line. At 1.15 two guys load and aim guns facing screen left. 3 secs later the other two guys laod and aim bigger guns, but also face screen left (They're facing each other so should be shown facing opposite directions).

    But you probably know that.

    Great idea which I'm sure I'll rip off in one way or another, possibly with more mundane things like shaving with an invisible electric razor, making a cup of tea. There's mileage here I'm sure.

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    haha well i never thought it would be in the same field as Holy Grail (my favorite Monty Python film)

    ahh and about the shot that i did, they were staying in same place, i just liked the thought of changing the angle midway......saw some fault in both takes though so i tried to cut it down as much.

    We are writing up plans for another battle but it shall take a while as i need After Effects for some of the stuff.


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    Very clever, simple theme used to great effect.

    Just a note about the early scene where the guys are moving out of the building with the sound of racing cars, I feel you only need to see and hear that gag once, there's a bit of a double up, I feel its important to get the the main action ASAP.

    I don't do videos like this, I did have a friend who did comedy and he knew the importance of 'moving on', dont double up gags.

    I also see your planning another battle, ans need after effects, I hope you not going to over use that program with effects, it may ruin the raw appeal this effort has to offer.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Hello and thank you for your comment

    Nah i am only wanting to use after effects for 1 main thing, i don't like using special effects unless i have to for something specific like i hope to achieve using green screen.

    Yeah i guess i see what you mean, i just didn't like the silence as they ran past another person, just seemed as if i wasted my time putting in the first one if i wasn't going to repeat it.

    The next battle will be longer but its based around my web series that influenced a group of people to make there own in the style of ours.

    Can't wait to see the next Mad Bomber piece from you.


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