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Thread: HDCP and ems iVu4 VideoWall Controller

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    Default HDCP and ems iVu4 VideoWall Controller

    Hi all. My first post and sadly it has to be in the support area

    I purchased an iVu4 stand alone video wall controller from but that isn't the problem. Driving it with a HD DVD player is ...

    My setup is like this ...

    HD DVD Player > iVu4 > 4 displays

    All i'm getting is a black screen when using the HD DVD player but it works with the PC, normal DVD player ect just fine. Just the HD DVD player doesnt want to give me anything :(

    Is this because the source is HDCP compliant and the iVu4 is not ?

    Any help would be highly appreciated !

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    Surely you would be better asking the company you bought it from? I doubt if anyone here has the knowledge to help...

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