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    I really want to make a short movie off a show i watch so i downloaded it so i could modify it. but it seems i have downloaded a avi divx file wich my adobe premiere pro wont load into the program someone told me that it was because it was a avi divx he said that format was only to view the show and that it should be avi dv if i wanted to be able to modify it. so my question is, can i export a avi divx to avi dv?
    and with what program?

    Tnx alrdy!
    greetings tinky

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    You can try 'Super' but DivX is highly compressed and the quality will not be all that great.
    Working with Xvid or DivX files are not easy and the quality usually suffers in the conversion. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    If the file was downloaded from "You Tube" then i think your pretty much burglered...

    How about ripping the show from a DVD and converting that to AVI at the same time, or if you can download the file again do it withouth the compression.

    I have just done a small test, and i can add AVI in Divx format to Prem Pro CS3 and render it out as uncompressed AVI, the quality is vastly reduced and is fit only for a small web show at best, but it can be done.

    Sorry cant help any more.


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