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Thread: Vegas on 2 Screens

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    Default Vegas on 2 Screens

    I'm using Vegas 8 and I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic editing and and monitoring on a 15 inch screen.

    I'm also thinking of buying a new computer and consequently video card but don't want to spend any money buying the wrong thing. I know it must be possible to have you timelines and explorer on one screen and your preview on another.

    Does any one know how to set it up to do this? Ideally a TFT monitor for the editing and a monitor for the preview (non HD)

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    I have two monitors running, both CRTs, one 19" and one 17". I have my work environment on the 19" and the preview window on the 17".

    All you have to do is drag the preview window over to your other monitor by grabbing the vertical dots on the upper-left side of the preview window.

    There is also an option to send the preview to another monitor or TV, which I do not use since my preview is only 720x480 anyway and my 17" monitor resolution is 1024x768, so I haven't needed to figure that option out.

    Regarding the type of video card, Vegas and VMS do not use video to do any work--it utilizes the processor for its work. So, if you aren't going game or use any GPU-dependant applications, you simply need a video card with two monitor outputs to do this.

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    That's exactly the information I was after! Thanks FSharp. I guess what I'm looking for is a computer with a basic video card and the money I save on the card I can put towards a better CPU. Would this go for the RAM too?
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    Pre-built computers with basic video cards will likely only have one monitor output. You will either need to choose to upgrade to a video card with dual monitor outputs when ordering the computer (if possible) or put one in yourself after you get the computer--but you have to check the warranty requirements and power supply available in the computer before you do anything yourself. You will NOT need the latest and greatest video card, either; you simply need a card with two monitor outputs.

    Typically, for sure you want 2GB RAM for editing HD, if you ever get into that. I have 1.5GB RAM in my ancient computer and I can edit SD perfectly fine. RAM is so cheap that you should max it out at 4GB for a 32-bit system, or get as much as you can afford for a 64-bit system.

    Get either a dual-core or quad-core processor, and then I believe there is an option to tell Vegas to use all the threads of a multi-core processor (I have a single core processor, so this doesn't apply to me and I can't remember where to look).

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    When you have set up your perfect screens press "CTRL+ALT then D then Number to save the setup.. I think that's the right key presses, ALT+D then Number to recall the setting (0 is default)

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    Thanks for the help. I've bought a second hand Dell 2.8Ghz Duo (currently with 1 processor but will be adding the other but either way will be faster than my current PC). It's got the basic video card in it but will upgraded to something that will let me use plugins like Boris FX and leave my options open should I want to change to another editing program.

    So my next question is can anyone recommend a card that both split screens and run the plugins?

    Boris recommend...
    ATI Cards

    FireGL series - all
    RADEON™ X300+
    RADEON™ 8500+

    Nvidia Cards

    Quadro FX - all
    Quadro4 900+
    GeForce 6800
    GeForce FX - all
    GeForce PCX - all
    GeForce3 & 4 - all

    Matrox Cards


    The problem is I know nothing about video cards. I'm looking for something that's good value for money and I won't be using it for gaming, just editing and it needs to fit a PCI Express slot x16 or x8 (runs at x4 only, this means nothing to me?!)

    Thanks, Fraser
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