Made this at the end of 06 beginning of 07, but my editing skills have not be practiced much since then. I was using an HP that kept crashing on me so trying to sit down and have a good editing session was very hard. All the filming was not done by me, but was given to me to edit. I am actually in the video, I drive the white Nissan 180SX.

I dont know how much you can dissect this video as it is some what of just a home video type thing. But if you find the need to say anything, i take criticism very well and encourage you to do so. Just by watching it now, there are so many things i would have changed, or done differently, but i am glad i can see that and look forward to making better videos in the future.

I hope you enjoy some Drifting action, or get a better idea of what the motorsport is if you are unfamiliar. Also, if you are, bare in mind us norther california drifters are a lil behind the learning curve. Lengthy video, but i hope you enjoy: