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Thread: Editing Problems with Insignia HD

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    Default Editing Problems with Insignia HD

    I recently got the new Insignia HD camera, the footage is decent, however, when uploaded on to the computer (tried on PC and Mac) I encountered one huge problem.... Once the video was in the editing software I tried to split parts of the video out of the footage, when I did this the audio split perfectly but the second half of the split had no video footage. The video records in a MP4 wrapped in AVI. I have downloaded all of the codecs and the problems still occur. Any ideas on what to do?

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    It isnt HD - I get irrittated that this label goes on everythnig from televisions to tampons.

    That camera is a toy and isnt really aimed at the film maker.

    The video it produces is very compressed and is likely to use weird codecs.

    I would suggest a codec d load but you seem sure you have the correct codecs. Not sure what to suggest except to get a proper camera.

    On a budget ? Then a DV camera can be had for 150 new and peqanuts on e bay used and will produce much better video than what you have and be a cinch to edit on.

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    Ya I figured it wasn't actually HD the footage is no where close to HD quality. My parents got me the camera for Christmas so I'll have to wait on the camera just for courtesy but I am, however, going to look into some other codecs to try to solve this minor problem but thanks for the help!

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