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Thread: Need to do multimedia presentation project?

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    i'm doing diploma in computer studies and i need to learn on multimedia authoring using adobe director 11.i'm quite newbie for this software and video stuffs.i have though time to choose the suitable title.besides that, my lecturer allows other software to be used to do my project but just at final, we need to bring back to director there any other easy to use and user friendly software can be used other then director but can be imported into adobe director?plz help me.i need to this project bcz it contains marks for my diploma.many previous students had done on tutorial videos, such as how to play offiline games like call od duty.they made a screen video capture on how to play the game.besides that, there are some student create their own movie trailer is the question.i need to do proposal.

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    Basically you want to cheat dont you....

    If your tut wants you to learn how to make interactive cd roms with Director then that is what you will have to do.

    It's a bugger being a student - sometimes you even have to study.....

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