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Thread: Converting HD to SD - Sony HDR-SR11

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    Question Converting HD to SD - Sony HDR-SR11

    I am nearing a decision to purchase the Sony HDR-SR11 for amateur use. I've been assured by various sources that the packaged software will allow me to convert video filmed in HD format to SD to share with friends and family who do not have HD playback capability.

    Does anyone know whether this is true of the packaged software?

    With regard to video editing capability, I do not immediately foresee the need for any fancy special effects. I may, however, want to cut and paste various scenes together. Should I be considering additional Video Editing software, and if so, any recommendations on a product that wonít break the bank?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default RE:

    As far as I am aware the HDR-SR11 should have the software will allow you to convert video filmed in HD format to SD to then playback. I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't.

    Sony also make DVRs which can record in mpeg4 or H.264 compression. With an in built SD card slot, you can already convert the recordings into SD format and just take the card out and you're done.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hard rive cameras produce video that is very fussy about what it will work with, and even when an editor is accepting of the data it is horrible to edit on.

    Many peope on here have regretted byuing hdrive cams.

    They use far too much compression.


    Real cameras use tape - still.

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    Yes I've decided that tape is still the way to go, I also get the impression that DVCAM - a camcorder that can record in this format, is desirable if not essential. I was given this impression by a professional cameraman who had no reason to mislead me.
    Apparently mini DV tape can lose some of its recording quality towards the end of a tape run (?) whereas DVCAM doesn't (?)
    This had better be right - I've narrowed my quest for a pro camcorder down to DVCAM camcorders on the assumption that its right...

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    No - your friend is talking rubbish, or there is a misunderstanding.

    DV and DVCAM record exactly the same data on the same tapes but DVCAM runs the tape about 50% faster.

    This means tapes run for less time but beause the data is spread across more tape it is much less likely to have compatability issues across machines and the drop out rate is claimed to be lower - but I think the comatability thing was the main reason as DV dropouts are very rare on fully functional kit.

    Dont pick a DVCAM cos you think the quality is better.

    My pro camera records in DV and I have never had a drop out yet. Even my ultra abused old tatty small DV camera has only given me a few.

    About DV / DVCAM -

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    Smile Took the Sony Plunge

    The convenience of an onboard 60gb HD and 1080p capture and playback was just too enticing for this amateur videographer. My HDR-SR11 arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I am extremely impressed with the image and sound quality.

    Can anyone provide feedback on my request for video editing software? The AVCHD format isn't that exotic with regard to compatibility; I'd just like something that will help me put together interesting compilations of family and community events.

    Thanks for your interest and replies to my original post!


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    I find Corel Video Studio Pro X2 is easy to use and not to expensive and handles AVCHD very well, others use Vegas and swear by it, down load a few free trails before you decided.

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