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    I asked this question on another thread. I would like to ask it again here.

    Is there any way to auto split a .m2ts file into clippings of 10 min each while rendering on Vegas 9 ?

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    Whilst I'm not aware of any method of doing this, I do query why you'd want to do it.
    Surely you'd be better manually deciding exactly where just before 10 minutes you want the break to occurs - so it comes between two shots rather than in the middle of one?

    BTW Are you aware that you can select "Render Selection Area Only" This makes it a piece of cake to do one section,then the next, then the next etc. I realise this requires you to be in attendence, but at least you don't need to keep trimming your movie to 10 minutes on the timeline.

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    yea - I dont get this either.

    I suppose you could write a script to do it - dont ask me how tho - wait for Grazie and he may say how to script it - but why ?

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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    The reason is that I need to upload these things onto youtube which allows files upto 1GB but with 10 min limit. I was looking for a automatic method coz first of all I am not too sure of how to convert *.m2ts to *.flv (or anything that is suitable for youtube) and rendering takes awful lot of time (plus manual attendance).

    Hope there is some better method

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    . . . wait for Grazie and he may say how to script it - but why ?
    . .quite . ..

    1] Insert Regions at Intervals - script on WEB somewhere? I use Excalibur and UlitimateS Script Tools

    2] Batch Render Regions - script already in VegasPro8

    Using this tools, to set up, maybe 30 seconds tops? Then the render - as long as a piece of natural, fibrous, securing material.

    And yes " . . yea - I dont get this either." either.

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