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    I'm still very much a noob to this program and am getting frustrated with a problem I can't solve. I rendered the first 40 seconds of a project to a new track which made all of the split clips into one clip, so now I can't work with the single clips within this rendered track. I can't delete one clip without deleting the entire 40 seconds. Is it possible to split the rendered track into parts again somehow? Apologies if I am not being clear. I'm using Vegas Pro 8.0.
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    Rendering is a one way street. Vegas is dam good but the secret of the time travel facility is best not given to noobs -

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    You've clearly misunderstood something. You make all your decisions about what events to include etc whilst they are separate on the timeline. As Mark correctly states, once your render you have created a new SINGLE file with all the sound and video that you have selected on the timeline.

    IMPORTANT POINT - you have NOT affected any of the oiginal clips (***), and if you save our project, you can still work with them on the timeline. OR you can work with them in a new project. *** You have NOT stuck them together, cut them up or affected them in any way whatsoever. What rendering has done is made COPIES of the bits of your original clips that show on the timeline and created a NEW file in whatever format you have rendered.

    IF you have lost your original timeline you CAN delete a chunk from your rendered file. BUT this is a comlete chunk - you'll be deleting everything , video AND sound between the in and out points.

    HOWTO: Delete everything except your rendered audio and video.
    Move the timeline cursor to the first frame you want to delete and press "S" -this will split the video into two.
    Now move to the final frame you want to delete and press "S" again.
    You now have three chunks (events) on the timeline.
    Select the middle chunk and press delete.
    Depending upon whether you have Auto Ripple enabled the right hand chunk will butt up against the left hand chunk OR you'll need to drag the right hand chunk across.

    Re-render. This won't take long as you'll be performing no recompression.

    Job done!

    EDIT: This is only ONE and not necessarily the best way of achieving this, but it's the simplest for me to attempt to explain.
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