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Thread: Problems capturing game footage from certain consoles.

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    Default Problems capturing game footage from certain consoles.

    Hi all,

    Newbie here. First I wanna say this website and forum is great. Me and a friend have been making videos as hobbies for about a year now and this is a site I wish Id found 12 months ago. Good job.

    Anyway, we make short videos giving information about games (similar to The Angry Video Game Nerd but in a less aggressive nature).

    Im having problems capturing game footage from the Playstation consoles (PS1, PS2 and PS3). I purchased a PCI video capture card some time ago, it was a cheapy one from Hong Kong.

    Basically, we hook up the consoles using the RCA A/V connectors to the rear of the PCI card, and play the games on screen whilst capturing. This works fine with all other consoles including the Xbox 360, but the screen flickers with the Playstation consoles.

    It seems to stop if we wiggle the cables, its a matter of luck.
    How can we sort this? I cant find any information on the internet about this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Your video connection might be loose as you say it improves if you jiggle it a bit, but I'm sure you are looking for a long term solution rather than having to do that everytime. So check the connectors and maybe use different cables to see if that has any affect. I don't know if you have tried FRAPS but I remember reading posts on here that this particular piece of software is used a lot by gamers who want to record the games they are playing. You can download it from Download Fraps 2.9.8 -

    Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology. Realtime Video Capture Software - Have you ever wanted to record video while playing your favourite game? Come join the Machinima revolution! Throw away the VCR, forget about using a DV cam, game recording has never been this easy! Fraps can capture audio and video up to 1152x864 and 100 frames per second.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Ive eliminated loose connections or damaged cables as the problem. I have used 3 different cables, and tried different combinations of plugging into the capture card but none have worked.

    Im just wondering if theres some sort of cheap RCA video signal booster I could get as it might help. (perhaps the Playstation consoles output a weaker signal?)

    I havent heard of that fraps, ill try it out, but it will still use my same capture card I assume so it probably wont work.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Much appreciated.


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    I'm not a PS owner, sorry.

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    If you jiggle something and the problem goes away, something is loose. that's a given. Loose or bad connections cause flickering which is a loss of signal strength.

    If different sets of cables do the same, it's not the cables. Then it has to be a loose card in the slot, or loose/bad input on the card. But, if it works fine with your Xbox, then it must be a loose/bad output on the Play Station.

    As for the video booster, the card will have it's own.
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