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Thread: The box bird and bang show.

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    Default The box bird and bang show.

    Here I am adding more dross to YT, have I presented this process
    in an effective manner, I get heaps of complaints about my voice overs..

    By adding the cut aways to totally different subjects does this distract
    or entertain..?? Its something I would not normally do, I am hoping it breaks
    up quite a longish video where lots of infomation is being relayed.

    YouTube - Foam Box Miniature Mountains
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Excellent tutorial, I didn't feel the time going in at all. Your VO is good, not too rushed and enough gaps to allow you to take that extra breath when needed. I can now say I watched a video about paint drying and found it interesting.

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    I have absolutely no interest in making scenery such as this, but like Nikosony, I found myself watching this all the way through without feeling the time going by. Very informative.

    As for the side issues, I'm not sure. They certainly made the film more watchable and gave that all important. This worked well for me, the casual viewer.

    My only concern is that someone who was after a tutorial about making mountain scenery is likely to be hungry for the information and might be frustrated by any seconds wasted on any other subject.

    On balance, if you're after as many views (or hits) as possible, I'd suggest keeping the asides in - it gives your movie a certain style and I assume if it appeals to me, it will appeal to other "casual" viewers. If the quality of the instruction is as good as this, the serious hobbyists who might get frustrated by the diversions will continue to watch in spite of these.

    EDIT: What was the film with the bridge explosion?

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