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Thread: Vegas 8.0C projects can get too big?

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    Default Vegas 8.0C projects can get too big?


    a quick question; is it possible that my vegas project(s) become to big for the program to handle? It happened for the second time now with something I am working on. It are both shorts that are about 15 minutes long, but have multiple layers (footage in JVC's Everio .MOD format; MPEG2, OGG for sound and JPEG for images). After updating to 8.0c, I thought the problems were gone, but they have come back.

    I have gone through error logs, image sizes, project properties and all, but on both projects vegas crashes a few seconds after the clips start to appear on the timeline (renaming them and leaving them offline seems to help, but I cannot find out if one of the clips has problems, for after I start getting them back online in the project, the crash almost seems to appear at random).

    With smaller projects (even with up to 8 video layers) there are no crashes. Very frustating.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    project itself? no, vegas is def. designed to have movie length projects... i think your machine may be too slow for it maybbe causing it to crash like not enough memory.
    intel core2 i7 960
    16GB DDR3
    Radeon HD6850
    Audigy 2 Soundcard
    2 x 24 Inch wide screen LCD Monitor + 30 inch tv.
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    Loose the .ogg - it's a manky open source codec I think for brown ricers, nerds and hippies.

    What are the mpegs??? I have found that vegas often wont tolerate decrypted DVDs.

    Can you say what the provenace of all your media is - with problems like this my first thought is manky media.

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    The MPEGs are the raw MOD files created by my JVC Everio MGZ135.

    Frankly, I don't believe that the ogg cause a problem. First time I work with that format in Vegas and the problem already existed before.

    At the moment, my PC is and AMD 64 X2 6000+, 4GB ram and a Nvidia 8600GT videocard....I sure hope this is a modern enough pc to start Vegas and keep it running.

    Come to think of it; I have some more problems. Vegas itself always mentions (mcmpgvdec.dll) after a crash. And mpc (media player classic) has trouble playing the mod files too.

    Time to find out more.

    And thanks for the swift response. I appreciate it.

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    Ok - prob not many media then.
    Vegas is ultra stable normally so it does sound like there may be a prob with something arcane.

    It's not the specs of your PC, they are easily good enough.

    It appears you are not alone - maybe some help in those links.

    V8 crashes and errors - The Digital Video Information Network
    Sony Vegas 8 Pro - Tech Support Forum
    Another Vegas crashing issue! : Sony Vegas
    Compatibility save - -- The online community for filmmaking

    and it goes on - google the dll name.

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    hmmm...seems to me that a clip I was using gave me problems. Reason that I didn't find out earlier was that it was a clip that I moved during the rename process.

    Thanks for the help people!

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    Glad you sorted - most vegas hiccups are not really the fault of the app but of manky media.

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    Seems to me I was wrong....after removing some media and adding others later the project crashed again.

    Vegas give me more frustration than joy at the moment; if you spend hours debugging your project only to see it crashes after you can work on it again is very painful.

    the log:
    Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    Version 8.0c (Build 260)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x7D98002F IP:0x2303B9AE
    In Module 'mcmpgvdec.dll' at Address 0x23000000 + 0x3B9AE
    Thread: VideoCache ID=0x16C8 Stack=0x3DCF000-0x3DD0000
    EAX=00000000 CS=001b EIP=2303b9ae EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=02a5c8e8 SS=0023 ESP=03dcf844 EBP=03dcf84c
    ECX=03dcf8b0 DS=0023 ESI=02a7d3b0 FS=003b
    EDX=7d980030 ES=0023 EDI=75784f68 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    2303B9AE: 8A 42 FF 29 C2 8B 1A 85 .B.)....
    2303B9B6: DB C7 02 00 00 00 00 74 .......t
    Stack Dump:
    03DCF844: 03DCF8B0 03CD0000 + FF8B0
    03DCF848: 02A5C8E8 02910000 + 14C8E8
    03DCF84C: 03DCF8BC 03CD0000 + FF8BC
    03DCF850: 2302BFA5 23000000 + 2BFA5 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    03DCF854: 7D980030
    03DCF858: 00000000
    03DCF85C: 03DCF87C 03CD0000 + FF87C
    03DCF860: 2303C49D 23000000 + 3C49D (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    03DCF864: 02AFFCB0 02910000 + 1EFCB0
    03DCF868: 00000000
    03DCF86C: 7C802542 7C800000 + 2542 (kernel32.dll)
    03DCF870: 00003328
    03DCF874: 02A7DD90 02910000 + 16DD90
    03DCF878: 02A5C8E8 02910000 + 14C8E8
    03DCF87C: 03DCF92C 03CD0000 + FF92C
    03DCF880: 00000001
    > 03DCF894: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF898: 231C7244 23000000 + 1C7244 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF8A0: 2302C0B0 23000000 + 2C0B0 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF8C0: 23029499 23000000 + 29499 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF8E0: 23027602 23000000 + 27602 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF944: 231C2B10 23000000 + 1C2B10 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF948: 231C71EA 23000000 + 1C71EA (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF950: 23027400 23000000 + 27400 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF970: 23026548 23000000 + 26548 (mcmpgvdec.dll)
    > 03DCF98C: 7C834CD1 7C800000 + 34CD1 (kernel32.dll)
    > 03DCF990: 2321DFA3 23200000 + 1DFA3 (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 03DCF9A4: 23223BDD 23200000 + 23BDD (mcmpegin.dll)
    > 03DCF9B4: 33BB2EE2 33BB0000 + 2EE2 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCF9C4: 33BB3082 33BB0000 + 3082 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCF9D0: 33BB7EA6 33BB0000 + 7EA6 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCF9DC: 33BBCA35 33BB0000 + CA35 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCF9F4: 33BBCFC7 33BB0000 + CFC7 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCFA08: 33BBA4F9 33BB0000 + A4F9 (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCFA1C: 33BBA98F 33BB0000 + A98F (mcplug.dll)
    > 03DCFA2C: 006B583B 00400000 + 2B583B (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFA30: 05409304 05400000 + 9304
    03DCFA34: 000000A9
    03DCFA38: 00000000
    03DCFA3C: 03DCFA6C 03CD0000 + FFA6C
    > 03DCFA70: 7C810028 7C800000 + 10028 (kernel32.dll)
    > 03DCFAA0: 0121B664 01160000 + BB664 (vegas80k.dll)
    03DCFAA4: 4309FC28 420C0000 + FDFC28
    03DCFAA8: 03DCFAC4 03CD0000 + FFAC4
    03DCFAAC: 00000028
    03DCFAB0: 6F2223A0 6DEC0000 + 13623A0
    > 03DCFAF0: 00726574 00400000 + 326574 (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFAF4: 03DCFB0C 03CD0000 + FFB0C
    03DCFAF8: 03DCFB0C 03CD0000 + FFB0C
    03DCFAFC: 3C170808 3A0C0000 + 20B0808
    03DCFB00: 00006CFD
    > 03DCFB08: 7C913405 7C900000 + 13405 (ntdll.dll)
    > 03DCFB10: 65646F63 65140000 + 506F63 (
    > 03DCFB64: 7C93770D 7C900000 + 3770D (ntdll.dll)
    > 03DCFBA4: 7C937129 7C900000 + 37129 (ntdll.dll)
    > 03DCFBB0: 7C936EB3 7C900000 + 36EB3 (ntdll.dll)
    > 03DCFBB4: 7C936F08 7C900000 + 36F08 (ntdll.dll)
    > 03DCFBC8: 00480003 00400000 + 80003 (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFBCC: 3C57B008 3A0C0000 + 24BB008
    03DCFBD0: 09C78048 09BD0000 + A8048
    > 03DCFBD4: 00480024 00400000 + 80024 (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFBD8: 09C78288 09BD0000 + A8288
    > 03DCFBDC: 00430002 00400000 + 30002 (vegas80.exe)
    - - -
    03DCFFF0: 00000000
    03DCFFF4: 0059B990 00400000 + 19B990 (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFFF8: 00AE9C84 00400000 + 6E9C84 (vegas80.exe)
    03DCFFFC: 00000000

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    on top of it, I cannot render my vid anymore....not enough memory (according to my taskmanager only 1/3 of it was in use)

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    I have never had a low memory message beofr a render. I think your PC may be poorly he said unhelpfully.

    I have found siny supprt to be helpfull in the past - I suggest you send sony the error log and description.

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