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Thread: Panasonic NV-DS11 - No power

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    Default Panasonic NV-DS11 - No power

    I have a nv-ds11 which i bought back in 2000, it has always worked fine but have not really used it much over the last few years. When I tried to use it recently a message briefy appeared on the lcd screen about a battery issue and then powered itself off. I have tried to turn it on using the battery and also with the DC in supply but the camcorder still won't switch on. I think I remember reading about an internal battery issue but cannot find the link again. Would be grateful for any advice.

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    The main battery may have died. Thay often just seem to expire when left for any length of time. Try a new battery - pref in the shop or on a sale or return basis if that aint the problem.

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