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Thread: A Couple Questions Regarding Adobe Premiere 6.0

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    Default A Couple Questions Regarding Adobe Premiere 6.0

    1. Is there a big difference from 6.0 to the newer 7.5(I think it's 7.5..)

    2. How do you take stills from video and use it as the background of a title slide?

    3. How do you reverse video so everything plays backwards?

    These are just a couple things I'm not sure on..and can't figure out..for ? 2 I go to file>New>title and get a background of it with the video but when I save it it never stays as the background it just goes back to white. If you could help or answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated thanks a lot!

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    Okay..looked past the archives and answered the question regarding reversing video..just right click on the video and instead of making the speed 100% make it -100%..Couldn't figure out the other two..

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    Heres the top ten new feature in Premiere Pro (Premiere 7.0) as listed on Adobe's site:

    Real-time editing
    Take advantage of a new, real-time editing experience that provides immediate feedback and enables you to edit with amazing speed.

    Multiple, nestable timelines
    Take advantage of multiple, nestable timelines to experiment more freely and manage complex projects more efficiently.

    Advanced color correction
    Use color correction tools to adjust hue, saturation, and lightness for highlights, midtones, and shadows; replace a color throughout a clip with a single selection; and more.

    Enhanced audio editing
    Produce richer, more vibrant audio using sample-level editing, VST filters, track-based effects, and 5.1 surround sound.

    Customizable keyboard shortcuts
    Customize keyboard shortcuts to fit your editing style. Use default presets, leverage industry-standard shortcuts, or create your own. Export custom sets to share with colleagues.

    Keyframable effect parameters
    Set different keyframes for individual parameters of the effects you apply with the revamped Effect Controls palette, which looks and works like the one in Adobe After Effects® software.

    Real-time motion paths
    Create more fluid and precise motion paths with keyframable parameters and built-in, subpixel positioning.

    Support for Adobe Photoshop layers
    Import layered Photoshop® files as a single flattened file or import the files as a sequence with each layer arranged on a separate video track.

    Support for leading video media
    Produce video and audio content for the leading delivery media: broadcast formats, DV, DVD, CD, VCD, SVCD, and the Web. Output AAF files for sharing with other professional editing systems.

    Standard definition/high definition support
    Import, edit, and deliver HD or SD productions using certified OEM hardware with Adobe Premiere Pro. Encode HD Windows Media™ 9 Series content using the built-in Adobe Media Encoder.
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    I think my guide at explains how to add tittles (it's towards the end)
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    Hmm..Thanks for the info on adobe 7 it helped me out..but I don't believe that your guide explained how to take a still from video and use it as a slide....Like..i'd like to take frames out of video and use them as pictures.
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    Sorry, that'll teach me for not reading a post correctly, your answer should be in this thread in the forum archives:

    Robjal explains how to export a bitmap in his first posting.

    - double clicking the clip on the clip in the timeline
    - scrolling to the correct frame in the clip
    -file, export clip, frame
    - saving frame as i Bitmap
    I then go on to explain how to make a DVD of bitmaps without them "jumping all over the place"...
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    Yeah that helped thanks! for another question..what format should I use for a video that i'm going to be putting on a page? My freind is making a webpage and wants a video intro.
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    I use WMV on my site - good quality with small file sizes, but most importantly most people will have the codec installed already.

    I'm sure a lot would argue that divx would be the way to go, but that means your friend would also have to provide the codec download before the majority of people could view it.

    If you're not worried about files sizes however, your best bet is to encode to MPEG1 - practically EVERY PC will be able to view this without having to download a codec.

    My guides to streaming video are a bit outdated now, but you might want to take a look at this page too for example of streaming videos (look at the source code to see how to embed video).

    To summarise, use WMV (encode using windows media encoder if you want small file sizes and good compatability, use DivX or Xvid for smaller file sizes but less compatability, or finally use MPEG1 with a very low resolution and bitrate for bigger file sizes but maximum quality.

    For a guide to converting to DivX, check out my guide at
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    Marc, i'd take a look at your vdub guide and think about changing the references to the Radium FHG codec. I'm fairly sure it's dodgy, legally, and lame pees on it, while being free.

    am i right in saying the guide only caters for single pass encodes?

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    Yer, the radium mp3 codecs are a hacked version of the mp3 codec to allow encoding at higher bitrates - just like DivX started as a hacked version of the MPEG-4 codec. Didn't think there was a legality issue though. Then again, the whole area of ripping mp3 is a grey area so I'm sooooooooooo not going down that road.

    I agree that Lame is know to be a better encoder. I think it's probably time to update the guide (it was one of the first I wrote), so it was really just about getting started. I guess a few refinements would be the option of encoding to Lame and two-pass encodes. I hope it addresses the main points of getting people "into" DivX, but I think it's about time I wrote a more indepth guide to encoding to DivX (and perhaps what many consider to be the superior Xvid!).
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