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Thread: DVD Authoring in Adobe Premiere CS4

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    Default DVD Authoring in Adobe Premiere CS4


    I previously owned Adobe Premiere CS2 but recently upgraded to the Adobe Master Collection, which contains Adobe Premiere CS4. I am having trouble attempting to burn DVDs in Adobe Premiere CS4. I selected to export to media and I selected to export as MPEG-2 DVD. On my Desktop, I am left with three files:

    Sequence 02.m2v
    Sequence 02.m2v.xmpses
    Sequence 02.wav

    Naturally, I would then burn these files to DVD using a proper DVD authoring program. But I would prefer to stay with Adobe and its products. Is there any method to instruct Adobe Premiere to burn directly to a disc? Or perhaps it is possible to export a file that will allow another Adobe program to export to disc? It is worth noting that under File > Export, I only have options for Media, Adobe Clip Notes, and Export to EDL.

    Can anyone please help me? I appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. Thank you.

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    Yeah, same problem here. I could burn it with Premiere 1.5, but not now with CS4.

    You can do two things. Open those files with Adobe Encore - directly (I do not recall exact path not home right now), but something like File-Open Sequence with Adobe Encore, or Open with Adobe Encore.

    Or you can Export to media and choose MPEG-2 (not MPEG-2 DVD) for video and whatever for Audio. It will create two separate files. MPEG for video and (for example) wav or AC3 for audio. Then Import them to Encore as assets, place them on the timeline...burn DVD.
    If you do not have Encore (even though it is Part of Premiere CS4, but you might have just a trial version) - you might import these files to Nero (Pinnacle...) or whatever DVD editing software you have.

    If anyone know how to burn it directly to disc from Premiere CS4 it would be great. It is quite time consuming always jump to Encore (through Encoder) especially while you are just testing parts of your DVD and want to see (and hear) these parts on the DVD player.

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    DVD mastering and burning in Premiere stopped with version 2. You may have noticed that you can no longer buy Premeire pro CS3/CS4 without it coming wiht Encore CS4. Encore CS4 is the application for burning DVDs.

    you'll obviously need to spend some time with the manuals but...

    You need to create a timeline in Encore. The M2V file is the video. The WAV file is the audio. not sure but I beleive the xmpses is metadata. i.e. contains chapter points you may have set up in Premiere before exporting and the like.

    Define this timeline as 'first play' and then burn the DVD. Unless you want to create chater menus and the like. then it becomes too much forme to descibe in a quick reply like this.

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    Default Adobe Media Encoder

    Well, I have spent some time with the manuals. Actually in Premiere cs4 manual –Section: Exporting-Adobe Media Encoder is this paragraph:
    MPEG-2 DVD
    A subset of the MPEG‑2 standard designed for encoding standard-definition video for DVD media. DVDs are a widespread distribution medium that can be played on computer DVD drives, or on set‑top DVD players. Filename extension: .m2v.
    To make an AutoPlay DVD, you can burn an MPEG2-DVD file directly onto a blank DVD. Alternatively, you can use an MPEG2-DVD file in an authoring program (such as Encore) to create a DVD with navigational menus and other features.
    Since they are talking about Encore as an “Alternative” I have assumed that I can burn it directly to disc without even going through Encore.
    When I work on a project with bunch of clips and several audio tracks (above each other – narrator, background music… mono, surround sound) I can’t hear it properly on PC (even though I have surround speakers, but treble and bass….sound differently on PC speakers then on big room animals). Anyways, if no one can do, that is OK, I was just referring to the above article in the manual.

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    What theyt are talking about here is the fact that most DVD players will happily accept a data disk with MPEG2 files on it an play them in the same way you can insert a CD with JPG files on it watch it as a slideshow. This is absolutely NOT a video DVD in the normal sense of the phrase.

    So then, just export your mpeg2 files out and use something like Nero to burn them onto a blank DVD disk. However if you want a REAL DVD then you take those mpeg2 files and import them into a DVD project in Encore.

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    I have Adobe CS4 Master Collection (A lot of cash by the way people), and if you go:

    Export to Encore...

    Then you will have options to do a direct burn if thats all you want to do, i would go with the "Author with menus" option as then you can play about a bit.
    Remember to get rid of "Frame blending" from Prem Pro Project line....

    If you have Adobe Master Collection and you want to stay within Adobe products then i suggest this option, failing this export the movie as uncompressed AVI and import it into Encore or whatever you will use....

    Hope it helps.

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