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Thread: Helmet Cam advice?

  1. Default Helmet Cam advice?

    (not sure if last post was posted.. ops)


    Looking for a cheap helemt cam for snowboading.
    Seen lots of reviews At3ck, AT5ck etc.
    The Tachyon XC is coming out tops.

    Thought I might ask here to see if any one has used it?

    Is $180 (p&p) expensive as will only be using it for fun a couple of weeks a year.

    Can I get a cheap normal one with a bullet cam attachement instead?


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    Depends how fussy you are.

    A ' proper ' bullet cam into a DV recorder / camera will give far better result but is more expensive / hassle.

    Try this too - see pic - lols. Thats what I did for hot hot scooter action.
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    I highly recommend the Go-Pro Camera

    Video quality is great, sound can be iffy sometimes. I own one and love it. Worth every penny.

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    heres a link:
    Helmet Camera Central

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    Strappin a DV5001 to the side of yer head will get great pics.
    A little tough getting through cat flaps, but think quality.
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    Lols - I did try the JVC but my neck broke

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