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Thread: Where to Begin?

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    Talking Where to Begin?

    Hi all,

    First post here so please be patient.....and gentle.

    My question is probably rather simple so here goes.

    I have just under 100 video tutorials i want to put to DVD.

    I want the DVD to have interactive menus. By this i mean when someone watches
    the DVD on their computer (rather than dvd player as its a tutorial DISC unless i can have a normal DVD that will list all 100 videos and allow seperate access via buttons) i want to be able to
    list all the videos on the disc and have the user click on a button for each one and watch the
    video they choose, in any order.

    SO i guess my questions are these .

    Can Sony Vegas create interactive DVD ROMS with fully interactive menus as mentioned above?
    Do I need to use DVD architect?

    If these 2 applications cannot create DVD ROMS as apossed to just normal DVDS you watch on your TV can anyone suggest software which will allow me to create DVD ROMS.

    Many thanks for all your help,


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    Sony Vegas is just for editing video and DVD Architect is just for DVDs

    You could probably fit it on a DVD-DL disc and make it a regular playable DVD

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    To get 100 videos on a DVD that means they average about a minute long. Are they all really short ?

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Solo 619 - so does this mean i cant do DVd ROMS then? And what is a DVD DL Disc?

    Mark W - No they aren`t Really short. Why do you say you can only get 100 minutes worth of video onto a DVD i have DVD ROMS with over 150 minutes on them easily and normal DVD movie Disc with movies that are 4 Hours long.

    Am i going to have to use multiple DVD`s then i guess as i have about 800 minutes worth.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Solo619 View Post
    Sony Vegas is just for editing video and DVD Architect is just for DVDs
    There are 2 major/important overlaps that come to mind, which aren't in themselves purely concerned with the editing process but include DVD preparation:

    1] Vegas is also used to encode files for DVD authoring (MPEG2 and AC-3 files).

    2] Vegas is used for placing Markers to create Chapter points for DVD authoring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundmagus View Post
    And what is a DVD DL Disc?
    DL = Dual Layer.

    Are any of these tutorials related to video/editing or DVD creation?

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    Hi all,

    Grazie - Thanks for your replies.

    The tutorials are in relation to music production, Cubase 4 infact.

    All i want is a DVD where you put the DVD into your PC.

    You then have a menu listing all the seperate videos on the DVD.

    You can then either play the videos 1 after the other in order


    Select a video title from the menu and go straight to that lesson.

    Can this be achieved using Vegas and DVD Architect or do i need something
    more like eDVD4 or DVD Lab Pro?

    Many thanks,


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    Quote Originally Posted by soundmagus View Post
    ...Can this be achieved using Vegas and DVD Architect or do i need something more?
    Yes, it can - You need nothing more. Only thing I can think of is that in DVDA I think the maximum number of links on one menu page is something like 20 or 25. Mark's point is that your visual quality will suffer putting so much on one disc... the bit rate will need to be lowered accordingly. If it looks crap, do it on two discs.

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    Just in case it isn't clear yet...
    You can use DVD Architect to create DVDs for playing in domestic DVD players - this is DVD VIDEO format.
    DVD ROMs are DVDs that can be read by computers. They could contain any types of files, just like your USB memory stick, floppy disk or hard drive. If you want a menu for your DVD ROM as described DVD Architect will NOT do this for you. I'm guessing there's some other software somewhere as it's a fairly simple piece of code to write.

    EDIT: WHat am I on. Of course there's stuff available - the daddy being Macromedia/Adobe Director - but that's overkill. Google "Multimedia Authoring Software" (and possibly "Free")
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    If you already have DVD Architect, my suggestion would be to use that and make a DVD. With the right codecs on your computer, it will play and be fully interactive using a virtual DVD application (e.g. PowerDVD). That way you could also play it in a stand alone DVD player if you wish.

    The maximum video for high quality, time wise, that you should aim for on a single layer (4.7 gb) is two hours, and 4 hrs for a dual layer (8.5 gb). The key phrase here is high quality. You can cram more on, but it’s like VHS tapes – 2 hrs for SP (higher quality), 4 hrs for LP (a lot less quality) and 6 hrs for EP (really bad quality.

    In DVD Architect you can use Optimize DVD to set whatever amount of data (within reason) you want to put on it. A simple way if you wish, is to load your clips in and use the ‘Fit To Disc’ option. Just remember the analogy to VHS!

    Covert all your icons to text only and order them. Not sure how many links it will allow per menu. then it will burn a DVD compliant disc for you.
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